Fully Customized Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

We specialize in 10 Mbps , 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps unmetered bandwidth connections at affordable prices

Do you need your own dedicated server? Have you outgrown your VPS? Then it’s time to get one of our Dedicated Servers, custom built for your specific needs.

For any purpose you can have a powerful, unmanaged dedicated server. You will have full control and root access to your dedicated server.

Why choose AllUnmanaged.com?

AllUnmanaged Advantages
  • 1. 10 Gb Network

    • All servers are connected to a network that has been independently-rated as being the fastest in the UK. We run our own fiber network at 10 gigabits for ultimate network speeds.
  • 2. Free DNS Services

    • All of our clients have access to our comprehensive DNS platform. You can use our DNS servers so that you don't strain your own server. We provide both forward, secondary and reverse DNS services.
  • 3. Free KVM over IP

    • We provide one KVM over IP session of four hours per month for every server, allowing you to access your server without network access.
    • *Additional sessions are chargeable.
  • 4. Complete Control

    • You are always in complete control of your dedicated server. You have full Administrator/root access to it.
  • 5. Flexible hardware configurations and upgrades

  • For specific details about software and hardware upgrades, please visit our Order page here
clients' testimonials
Client's Testimonials

Please check what our customers have to say about us:

I'm very happy with the service. AllUnmanaged.com provides the quality and reliability we need from a web hosting company, ensuring our website is available 24x7x365 .

Brian Dowson

Since I have become a customer, I have had very positive experience with AllUnmanaged.com. I give AllUnmanaged.com my highest recommendation for anyone who wants to have their web site to always be available and unsaturated.

Jason Hawkins